Somalia Parliament Speaker angered by detention of Top Diplomat in Kenya

Published: April 27, 2014
Somalia Parliament Speaker angered by detention of Top Diplomat in Kenya
Somali Parliament Speaker Mr Jawari

Somali Parliament Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari has reacted angrily to the detention of one of the country’s top diplomats by the Kenyan authorities.

The Consular general of the Somali Embassy in Kenya Siyad Mohamud Shire was arrested by the  Kenyan police on Saturday night but was later on released.

It is not clear why the Kenyan Police arrested the Consular and the government of Uhuru Kenyatta has not yet explained it, a move which could prompt diplomatic row between both nations.

Mr Jawari who was speaking at the Parliament session in Mogadishu, said that Kenya’s attitude violated all international conventions.

‘’ “The fact is that (the) Kenyan authorities have behaved atrociously with the Somali Diplomat, he even showed the police his identity as a Diplomat but still they didn’t respect him’’

“These provocative and unlawful acts are not acceptable to this Parliament and are not acceptable to the Somali People. They cannot be ignored,” said the Somali Speaker.

The Somali government has been criticised for not responding to the Kenyan ‘’unlawful’’ acts towards its top diplomat.

However, he called on the Somali government to take a tougher stance in response.

Since the beginning of this month, Kenyan forces have carried massive crackdown on Somali suburbs in the capital, detaining more than 1,000 Somalis.

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