SOMALIA: Police vow to squash insurgents in Mogadishu

Published: May 25, 2010

On Tuesday, the Police in Mogadishu the capital of Somalia, announces new operations in the city as insurgents intensive their assaults on government buildings.
Abdullahi Hassan Barise, the spokesman of the federal police told reporters in Mogadishu, that they were gearing up for new waves of attacks by the militants.
“….we will protect the government leaders and installations…”says Mr.Barise in a press conference today.
The spokesman called the claims by the insurgent that they have taken over several government positions in Mogadishu, a cheap propaganda. He said the police will conduct new operations to secure areas were insurgents are based.
Recent days, Al shabab militants in Mogadishu have launched series of attacks on the Presidential palace killing dozens of people. The militant group vowed to take over the presidential palace which is heavily guarded by African Union peacekeepers.
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