Somalia President Hits back to International Community concerns over Political Infighting

Published: November 3, 2014

Mohamud attends an Extraordinary Summit of IGAD Heads of State during the African Union summit in Ethiopia's capital Addis AbabaSomalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has hit back to International Community concerns over the political infighting between him and Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh.

Mr Mohamoud called for the international community to ‘’respect Somalia’s self-determination’’, acknowledging the support given to the government.

‘’I call for respect of Somalia’s sovereign right, protected by and explained in our Provisional Federal Constitution, to determine its own future, a future that will be determined by the people of Somalia, our Federal institutions, and our legislation,’’ he said in a Press release on Monday.

Earlier, the United Nations and European Union representatives to the war-torn state voiced their concerns over the political differences between the President and Prime Minister, adding that will risk the country’s goals towards 2016.

But President Mohamoud insists that his government is still confident that it will held national elections in 2016.

‘’I reaffirm- to the Somali people- the Federal Government’s commitment to Vision 2016, to ensuring that the Constitution is reviewed, revised and adopted by referendum; that federalism is completed and that preparations for national elections in 2016 continue apace. I do not deny that we have much to do, and little time to achieve these things. However difficult our circumstances are, lack of performance, at any level, will not be accepted,’’ he says.

Reports from Mogadishu claim that there is an on-going motion of ‘’No-Confidence’’ prepared by members of the Parliament close to the president who want to oust the Prime Minister.

United Nations Special representative Nicholas Kay called for the MPs to be neutral on the on-going political dilemma between government leaders and concerned about ‘’MPS to exchange votes for cash in the context of a potential ‘No Confidence’ motion’’.

Last month, Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh reshuffled some of the cabinet members, a move which was publicly criticised by the President. Analysts blamed the President for breaching the constitution which gives a right the Prime Minister to do necessary reshuffling.

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