SOMALIA: Press Release from the SRSG congratulating the Somali leadership on the confirmation of the new Prime Minister

Published: October 31, 2010

Nairobi, 31 October 2010 – Special Representative for the Secretary-General for Somalia, Ambassador Augustine P. Mahiga, today congratulated the Somali leadership on reaching a consensus on how to proceed with the confirmation of the new Prime Minister’s appointment through a consultative and democratic process.

“By adhering to the Transitional Federal Charter, the members of Parliament have demonstrated their willingness to put national interests first, particularly those who withdrew their motion, allowing an open vote to take place, for the sake of unity and stability,” Ambassador Mahiga said.

The SRSG congratulated Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed in his new appointment and urged him to move forward on meeting the challenges ahead.

“I congratulate Prime Minister Mohamed and encourage him to form his government so that he can gain momentum in completing the critical tasks ahead during this transitional period.”

Ambassador Mahiga also acknowledged the support and close collaboration of the international community, the African Union and IGAD in supporting and encouraging the cohesion and coherence within the Somali transitional institutions.

“The UN and our partners, including the African Union, IGAD and the international community will continue to support the Transitional Federal Institutions in all their efforts to bring about a return to peace and stability.”

Ambassador Mahiga expressed hope that the same spirit of patriotism and unity will prevail in the stages of forming and confirming a government that Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed will present to the parliament shortly.

Public Information Office (PIO)
United Nations Office for Somalia (UNPOS)

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