Somalia: Prime Minister Abdiweli calls for commitment to respect provisional constitution and country’s laws

Published: November 11, 2014



The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia H.E Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed has called for cooperation and compromise in resolving the ongoing political crisis.

Prime Minister Abdiweli stated that the political differences negatively impact on the realization of Vision 2016 including the chance to hold democratic elections and the opportunity for Somali people to choose their government.

“Somalia has been through 24 years of conflict, famine and political crises that destroyed governance structures in the country. Taking lessons from the challenges we have been through, all of us have to stand together to free the country and the people from this past. We have to commit ourselves to the protection of the provisional constitution and other laws of the country,” said Prime Minister Abdiweli.

“Any political differences have to be solved through dialogue, compromise and patience for the nascent governance in Somalia,” added Prime Minister Abdiweli.

The Prime Minister described ongoing efforts as posing a threat to the pacification and elimination of terrorism as well as the implementation of the federalism process. “We have to appreciate and recognize the efforts of the international community to rebuild the country and implement Vision 2016,” he added.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Abdiweli reiterated the need to focus all efforts on implementation of key activities to ensure democratic elections take place in 2016.


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