Somalia: Prime Minister closed the National Security Conference held in Mogadishu

Published: April 23, 2014

Prime Minister: “local communities and security forces must have a close relationship”

His Excellency Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, today closed the National Security Conference held in Mogadishu, telling attendees that “local communities and the security forces must have a close relationship – we are one people with one enemy”.

The National Security Conference organised by the Ministry of National Security brought together representatives from all regions of Somalia, senior commanders of military and security forces and the international community over four days with the aim of strengthening the security agencies of the government.

The aim of the conference was to set out new ways for security agencies to achieve security and stability across Somalia. Attendees put forward a number of recommendations including the restructuring and re-organisation of security forces and for a specific strategy to be designed and implement to ensure the youth do not turn to violence and extremism.

Closing the conference the Prime Minister, said:

“Attacks, such as the cowardly attacks on two of our honourable Members of Parliament, only serve to make us stronger and more united to defeat terror.

“This conference is an important initiative as it is the first time all security agencies and experts have come together. It has also brought together representatives from every region of Somalia which is essential in our collective security.

“The suggestions put forward by this conference are excellent and I thank everyone for their constructive recommendations and efforts. Security agencies will now come up with a work plan to take forward your recommendations. Today should not be the end of this process we should continue to share ideas and information.

“The government and public share the same ambition of achieving long lasting security and stability. Local communities and the security forces must have a close relationship – we are one people with one enemy.

“The long-term stability of Somalia will ultimately rely on our own security forces and I want the international community to work with us to make our security agencies more effective.”

Source: PM Office

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