Somalia: Prime Minister congratulates Puntland on election of new Speaker of Parliament

Published: January 5, 2014

PM, Dr. Abdiweli Sheik Ahmed
PM, Dr. Abdiweli Sheik Ahmed

His Excellency Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed congratulates Puntland State of Somalia on the election of a new Speaker and two Deputy Speakers of the Puntland Parliament. The Speakers were elected by the 66 MPs of the Puntland Parliament and will serve a term of five years.

The Prime Minister, said: “I welcome these elections and want to congratulate the new Speaker, Saeed Hassan Shire, and his two Deputy Speakers, Abdihamid Sheik Abdisalam and Hussein Yassin Diriye, on their election by Puntland MPs. They now have a duty to serve both the Puntland Parliament and people of Puntland but also greater Somalia.

“The improved security and stability in Puntland have provided the safe environment for these elections to take place.

“Puntland is leading the way on the development towards a federal Somalia and the country is looking to them at this important moment in our nation’s history. I urge and encourage Puntland to ensure that the Presidential elections are peaceful, free, fair and transparent.

“I wish all candidates in the upcoming elections good luck and look forward to working with the newly elected President of Puntland State.”


Ridwaan Haji
Government Spokesperson
Prime Minister’s Media Office

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