Somalia: Puntland Accuses Aid agencies for ‘Ignoring’ Its Agriculture Sector

Published: March 12, 2014
Somalia: Puntland Accuses Aid agencies for ‘’ Ignoring’’ Its Agriculture Sector
Puntland Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation Abdi Ismael

Puntland Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation has accused Aid agencies for ‘’failing’’ to report on the developments of agriculture sector in the semi-autonomous region of Somalia.

Mr Abdi Ismail said that the International aid agencies have ignored to deliver a ‘’transparent’’ information on the state’s agricultural sector. He added that some of them have reported that farming does not exist in the region.

‘’ They [International Aid agencies] have ignored the development of our Agriculture sector and some of them have even said that Puntland got only livestock… Our people rely on our Farmers’ production,’’ he said.

The Puntland minister  was speaking after visiting a large farming area in Nugal region and met local farmers.

He added that his Ministry will boost agricultural development and encourage local farmers to double their efforts, as well provide facilities and training skills for them.

The Minister didn’t name out the agencies. Agriculture contributes part of the economy of Puntland.

Last week, the EU, Austria and UN Food Agencies announced new initiatives which will enable the small scale farmers to provide food assistance in the Country.

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