SOMALIA: Puntland delegation visits Sanaag region

Published: May 25, 2010

A team of ministers from Puntland State of Somalia, are touring Sanaag region North west of Somalia. The visit of the Puntland ministers comes as tensions rise in the region, while Somaliland administration prepares to hold presidential elections in some of the disputed regions.
Ali Salah Hamari, Puntland’s State minister of Security who heads the delegation, told Horseed Media, that they are assessing the security conditions in the region. The delegation includes the deputy minister of Finance Mohamed Abdullahi Botan, the deputy minister of ports Abshir Said Salad and some Puntland MP’s.
For weeks there were public demonstrations in the region, against the upcoming presidential elections in Somaliland. Sanaag is one of the disputed regions claimed by both Puntland and Somaliland.
Mr.Hamari said, the majority of the people in the region support the Puntland administration, and he warned Somaliland authorities that there will be serious consequences if they bring any election ballots into their territories.
Today, the Puntland delegations met with elders and military commanders in Baran town east of Sanaag region, and they are expected to travel to other towns and villages in the region.
Horseed Media

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