Somalia: Puntland Government Supports Kenya Intervention in Southern Somalia

Published: October 27, 2011

Puntland coat of arms

Press Release
Following the Puntland President’s remarks on 19 October in London and again on 26 October in Garowe, the Government of Puntland State of Somalia supports the Kenyan military intervention in parts of southern Somalia to bolster the ongoing Somali-led military campaign aimed at dislodging Al Shabaab terrorists from Jubba Valley regions.
It is not surprising to recall that the Kenyan Government trained forces of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) inside Kenya, aiming to liberate the Jubba Valley regions and to ensure the security of Somali regions bordering Kenya. This initiative has produced tangible results in Gedo region and parts of Lower Jubba region.
Puntland Government does not see the Kenyan military intervention as a violation of Somali sovereignty, as the security interest of the whole IGAD region is inter-connected.
In line with the IGAD Communiqué of June 2010, Kenya has a legitimate right to defend its own security and to provide assistance to Somalis already engaged to liberate their home regions from terrorist groups, including many foreign fighters.
As terrorist groups pose a great threat to the peace, security and stability of Somalia and the wider region, it remains vitally important to implement a holistic common strategy to neutralize the terrorist threat in the whole region.
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Source: Communications Office
The Puntland Presidency
Puntland State of Somalia

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