Somalia: Puntland Highway Authority warns of Road damages ahead of heavy downpour

Published: October 6, 2014

Puntland Highway authority agency has warned damages of roads ahead of predicted heavy rainfalls in the coming weeks.

Predictions made by the meteorological agencies indicate that the semi-autonomous region will receive above normal rains and may herald another flooding same as like last year and disrupt transport.

Heavy rainfalls have fallen in some of Puntland regions in the past week, have already caused several damages in some towns.

‘’ We call on drivers to drive with precaution and inform us about any damages they come across the highway,’’ said Mohamud Abdinur, head of the authority.

Some parts of the coastal areas are expected to experience massive flooding and erosion.

In November last year, a tropical cyclone which brought strong winds, heavy rain and flash floods led to the death of almost 300 people and left other numbers missing, mostly in coastal areas.

The Reconstructed Middigar Bridge
The Reconstructed Middigar Bridge, which was washed away by last year’s cyclone.

The flood led to the damages of public infrastructure – washing away important roads like Middigar Bridge which connects Garowe & Gardo towns. The bridge was reconstructed after few months following a fund raised by the government, businessmen, Diasporas and local communities.

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