Somalia: Puntland Presents Prisoners Arrested in Counterterrorism Operations in Galkayo

Published: September 8, 2011

Puntland Deputy Police Commissioner Col. Abdullahi Salah Nadarre
The Government of Puntland today officially presents prisoners arrested during counterterrorism operations conducted in Galkayo over past the three weeks.
Puntland security forces conducting counterterrorism operations in Galkayo in recent weeks have arrested many members of Al Shabaab terrorist group; other Al Shabaab terrorists were arrested while fighting against government forces in Galkayo on 1 Sep and 2 September, 2011.
Some of the arrests took place at a house in Garsoor neighborhood of Galkayo, where members of Al Shabaab terrorist group were having a meeting. In recent years, Garsoor neighborhood has become a base of operations where assassinations and bombings are organized by those who commit acts of terrorism across Puntland and target community leaders and government officials.

Most of the prisoners were arrested as they engaged in face-to-face combat against Puntland government forces conducting security operations in Galkayo.
Furthermore, it is noteworthy to mention that other prisoners are jailed in Galkayo and it was confirmed that ammunition was found in the pockets of Al Shabaab terrorists who died at local medical centers, while all the Al Shabaab members killed or captured originate in all regions of Somalia.
See attached: List of Prisoners’ Names, Age and Place of Birth:

Ministry of Security and DDR
Government of Puntland State of Somalia

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