Somalia: Puntland President expects more Investors to arrive

Published: December 21, 2014

Somalia: Puntland President expects more Investors to arrivePuntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas has called for more investors to come and open businesses in the stable semi-autonomous region of Somalia.

Dr Gaas said this remarks after arriving back from neighbouring Ethiopia on Sunday, where he hold talks with officials from the Ethiopian government. Both sides discussed on ways of ties including trade and agreed also on security cooperation.

‘’Puntland is open for any company to come and invest, the first group of investors will come very soon,’’ he said.

In October, Puntland leader said in an exclusive interview with Horseed Media while attending the African summit held in London that his government is looking for investors to finance projects in key industries including infrastructure, agriculture and natural resources.

“We have a number of important projects that will help the Puntland economy grow substantially’’

‘’Finding the best investors for the projects and knowing that the projects will be undertaken in a way that creates shared value and promotes long-term sustainability is crucial,” he said.

Analysts say Puntland has substantial potential in natural resources, including agriculture, livestock, fishing and hydrocarbons. Its telecommunications sector is also expected to attract future investors.

Horseed Media

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