Somalia: Puntland Responds to Somaliland Provocation at Taleh District

Published: August 10, 2011

10 August 2011
Early this morning, an incident occurred in the area of Taleh District of Puntland State of Somalia, between Puntland Defense Forces and an armed convoy led by Somaliland MP Saleban Yusuf Ali Kore, who was accompanied by an armed soldiers and some civilians.
This armed convoy were organized from Las Anod and beyond and headed to Taleh District near Puntland capital of Garowe, where they intended to create insecurity and instability in the area.
Puntland Defense Forces arrested 19 persons including military commander Mohamed Dhodi and seized three vehicles.
Somaliland Information Minister Ahmed Abdi Habsade, who has repeatedly visited Las Anod over the last few months to create tensions and provocation, is responsible for organizing the armed convoy’s trip to Taleh District.
Over the past 20 years, Mr. Habsade has been known to be a political opportunist who switches between Somaliland and Puntland for personal gain. Recently, he has been busy creating confrontation and continuous crises.
Puntland Government believes that the reason behind this provocation in Taleh District is due to last week’s visit to Taleh District by Puntland Government officials accompanied by U.N.D.P. officers and international journalists.
The delegation’s purpose was to visit the historic site of the headquarters of the Dervish Resistance Movement (the well-known Taleh Fort, which Puntland Government has proposed to be recognized as a World Heritage Site) and to assess development prospects for the community of Taleh District.

Ministry of Information, Telecommunication, Culture and Heritage
Government of Puntland State of Somalia

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