Somalia: Puntland Security Forces Apprehend Suspected Killers After Firefight

Published: April 9, 2011

Ilkoasse was assassinated on the morning of 6th April 2011, in Garowe, the seat of the regional Administration of Puntland, Somalia. /Horseed Media

9 April 2011

Somalia: Puntland Security Forces Apprehend Suspected Killers After Firefight
Following deadly shootings on 6 April 2011 in Garowe, the Puntland capital, the government’s security forces identified the killers and launched a massive manhunt day-and-night for the suspected killers that included house searches and tighter checkpoints in the outskirts of the city.
On Thursday (7 April 2011), security forces surrounded the suspected killers hiding out at a location approximately 40km southwest of Garowe. One individual believed to be an organizer was killed and three others were apprehended after security forces responded to gunfire.
The arrested individuals include one killer and two accomplices. The government has launched an investigation into the killings and it is believed that the violence is related to revenge killings.
Mr. Mohamed Yasin (Ilkacase) was killed along with two bodyguards (Mr. Mohamud Mohamed Awad and Mr. Mohamed Barre Ali), who were members of Puntland security forces. Mr. Mohamed Yasin was an activist who worked for many years at the Puntland Development and Research Center (PDRC) in Garowe.
The Puntland Government sends its deepest condolences.
Communications Office
The Puntland Presidency
Puntland State of Somalia

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