SOMALIA: A Report of the Worsening Drought Situation in Puntland

Published: March 28, 2011

The Puntland Government’s Drought Task Force held an emergency meeting Sunday regarding the general situation of the worsening drought that has impacted all the regions of Puntland. His Excellency Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud (Farole) chaired the meeting, with Vice President H.E. Abdisamad Ali Shire present as well.
The Drought Task Force offered a complete report to the Puntland President about the government’s role to evaluate and assist with the drought. The Task Force affirmed that the lack of water and the drought has created much suffering and misery, as the livestock have died, are skinny or have disease, and the nomadic communities have escaped to major towns and cities.
Areas severely impacted by the drought include: 1) districts along the Puntland coastline; 2) districts from Sanaag region to Beyla, along Indian Ocean coast; 3) districts from Buhodle to Eyl, along Indian Ocean coast; and 4) the Nugal Valley.
The Government’s Support:
· The Government sent international appeals since 1 December 2010, after an assessment was conducted as to how the drought impacted the various regions of Puntland;
· $205,000 USD donated for water trucking and rehabilitation of wells;
· The Government distributed 800-tons of food aid donated by the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE);
· Civil society including religious scholars, the business community and other sectors of society was organized to assist civilians affected by the drought;
Agencies who responded to the Government’s appeal include:
· UNICEF; ICRC; VSF Germany; ADRA; WFP; Shilcon; Horn Relief; Tadamun; and the Governments of Kuwait and UAE;
· The Puntland Government especially thanks UNICEF agency which has provided relentless effort to aid the drought victims;
The water-trucking has not changed the lack of water situation in Puntland, and the assistance has become equal to a drop in the ocean.
· There has been an inflation of water-trucking prices; and
· In general, the donations the agencies come to Puntland with are relatively small amounts, and some of the agencies have been labeled for corruption and limited performance.
Finally, the Puntland Government once again appeals that the drought situation needs comprehensive support. We pray to Allah for mercy, rain and prosperity. Aamin.
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Puntland Presidency
Puntland State of Somalia

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