SOMALIA: Security Incident and Killing of a Horn Relief Staff Member

Published: December 6, 2010

Nairobi, Kenya, 6th December 2010 – Security Incident and Killing of a Staff Member

A security incident involving Horn Relief staff and a Hawala, local money transfer company, occurred in the early morning of Saturday, 4th December 2010, in Golis area of Sanaag region. One staff member, Mr. Adan Ibrahim Mohamed, a security guard, was killed, and another, Abdillahi Ahmed Ali Salad, a community mobilizer, was injured during the incident when vehicles were ambushed by armed men on their way to undertake a cash distribution. We send our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Mohamed. Money, which belonged to the Hawala, was also stolen.
The cash distribution has been suspended while the incident is being investigated. All other program activities will continue as normal. Horn Relief is deeply saddened by this news and is supporting staff and the family of the deceased through this difficult time. In addition, Horn Relief is working closely with the local community elders to address the matter, and negotiations are taking place to secure the return of the Hawala’s stolen money.  It is unfortunate that this incident has occurred after almost 8 years of successful cash distribution in this region without any security incident. Horn Relief is hopeful that clan leaders and elders will be able to negotiate the return of the money and the culprits will be found and brought to justice.
For further information you can contact Horn Relief at and +254-800-0881, 800-9268, or 0710-607-378.

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