SOMALIA: Somali Anti-Corruption and Democracy Initiative (SACDI) launched in Mogadishu

Published: February 1, 2011

A new initiative called Somali Anti-Corruption and Democracy Initiative (SACDI) has officially lunched at ceremony held in Mogadishu, Somalia. The event, which brought together a number of high ranking politicians, legislators, journalists and other intellectuals have welcomed the initiative with profound gratification and called it “timely and effective”.
Dr. Farhan Ali Mohamoud, the director of the organization, and former ministry of information, told the reporters that the initiatives’ core objective is to curb the pervasive corruption and promote democracy in Somalia, a central elements Somalia has lacked for the past 20 years.
Abdi Hashi Abdullahi, member of the parliament, welcomed the new program of fighting corruption and development democracy and he added that it’s needed to come in to use in Somalia.
Pro, Mohamed Omar Dalha, a legislator of TFG, spoke at the ceremony and lengthily talked about the need for this initiative in Somalia and calls it “appropriate and useful for Somalia”.
Pro, Mohamed Abdi Mohamed Gandi, a veteran of Somali MP, told the media that Somalia has ranked the most corrupted country on the global, according to Corruption Index.  He further argued that democracy in Somalia is in very dare situation and people were recklessly tortured in many respect of the society.
Member of civil society organizations, including women movement and youth organization have welcomed the program and recognized the significance of combating the widespread corruption and promoting democracy in Somalia. 
Somali had no central government since 1991 after the collapse of Siad Barre’s regime.
Abdi Yusuf  and Siyad Roble contribute this report

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