Somalia: Somali troops to be trained on their Own Territory by Turkish Military Trainers

Published: February 28, 2014
Somalia: Somali Soldiers to be trained in their territory by Turkish Military Officials
Somali Chief Army and An Official from the Turkish Defense Ministry Sign an agreement

Officials from the Turkish Defense ministry arrived in the Somali Capital to sign a new agreement bolstering Military co-operations between the two Countries.

Somali Chief Army Dahir Adan Elmi received the delegates in Mogadishu and discussed on ways of Turkey to build the Capacity of the Somali army. He applauded the new deal in which he said will raise the quality of the army.

‘’ We have agreed with the Turkey Defense officials to train our army  inside the country as well set up new military bases,’’ said the Chief army after signing the agreement.

This new agreement is attached to a deal reached by the Defense ministries of both countries, and was later on approved by the Turkish Parliament.

Last year’s agreement comprises of training, arming and supporting Somalia’s various forces including the army, secret services, coast guards, marines and police.

Turkey has already offered training for over 500 Somali police officers in its territory.

Last week, the military department of the European Union switched their training programme of the Somali government Soldiers from Uganda to Mogadishu.

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