SOMALIA: Somaliland bans London-based Somali TV Channel

Published: February 3, 2014

Universal TVAuthorities in the breakaway state of Somaliland have officially banned the Privately-owned television, Universal TV, which is based in London but has branches within the country.

Speaking at a Press Conference on Monday, Somaliland Minister of Information, Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir accused the Channel of airing a programme which ‘defamed’ the President of the State, Ahmed Silanyo.

‘’We have revoked the Operating licence of Universal TV after they broadcasted an insult against President Ahmed Silanyo. We will take a legal action’’, he said.

A spokesperson from the Television declined the accusations from the Minister.

A leader of Somaliland opposition party, Faisal Ali Warabe,  criticised the ban, urging Journalists to go for strike.

Several media associations have condemned this ban and requested the Somaliland authorities to respect the rights of press.

Last year Somaliland banned another London based TV channel, Kalsan TV, which was accused for not having the broadcasting license. But the management of the Television refused the accusation, saying officials of the state were angered by how the presenters refer to the region as an administration yet they claim to be separatists.

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