SOMALIA: Somaliland Releases Two South African Nationals on Board the Seized Plane

Published: December 20, 2010

Authorities in Somaliland release South African nationals who were on board the plane seized in Somaliland which was en route to neighbouring Puntland reportedly carrying military supplies.
Deputy Attorney General of Somaliland Adan Hero-dhiiq held a press conference in Hargeisa in which he confirmed there was no evidence against the two South Africans.
He added the two claimed they were journalists working for an American owned television station.
However, the Deputy Attorney General  said that six Russian nationals will face prosecution.
Authorites in Somaliland announced on Friday the 10th  of December that they seized the plane which was carrying military equipment  to the Puntland Navy.
The plane had originated from South Africa and stopped in Uganda then landed in Hargeisa when it suffered fuel shortage.
Hodan Yusuf
Horseed Media

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