Somalia: SRSG calls on Somali Officials to address the nation’s needs

Published: April 26, 2010

The 17th International Contact Group meeting at the League of Arab State (LAS) headquarters in Cairo took place last week. The United Nations Special Representative for Somalia, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, acknowledged the participation of LAS Secretary-General Amr Moussa as most appreciated and productive. He also recognized the combined effort of the international community and the Somalis to demonstrate an interest in uniting to rigorously address the overall situation in Somalia. However, the Special Representative has also expressed his dismay at the current ongoing disputes in Parliament.
“I am following, with great unease, the unhelpful debate about Parliamentary issues now taking place in Mogadishu. While we all recognize, once again, the need to address the question of salaries of the Parliamentarians, at the same time, I deplore the time and energy wasted on arguments which could be devoted to resolving more pressing issues at hand,” he said. “The population’s needs, security issues, and the implementation of the agreements with Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaa (ASWJ) and with Puntland on piracy call for immediate action.
“At the same time, I am sure that the leadership of the Government and Parliament will see beyond their differences and concentrate on addressing normal government tasks that affect the population, both inside and outside the country,” Mr Ould-Abdallah said.
“In this respect, I am receiving the Chairman of the United Nations Sanction Committee on Somalia and Eritrea, the Mexican Ambassador to the UN, Claude Heller, during the visit of a delegation from the Committee to the region. They will meet with representatives from the Governments of Somalia and Kenya, other regional officials and members of the UN in accordance with their mandate. The delegation will follow up and continue to raise the issue of impunity which has long been a devastating factor in the Somali crisis. It should be clear that sanctions apply to all who contribute through their actions to the destabilization of Somalia.”
Susannah Price / Donna Cusumano,
Public Information Officers

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