SOMALIA: The capture of the largest number of Daesh foreign fighters in Puntland State

Published: June 25, 2022

This week, Puntland security forces (PSF) arrested 7 Daesh foreign fighters in the mountain of Cal Midse in Bari region, the largest such operation against the Daesh fighters in recent months.

Puntland Security officials say, PSF forces received information about the group’s movements in the coastal area near Hafun district. During the operation, the forces captured four militants near Timirshe and Isse villages.

Three other militias have been arrested in Marodi-Magale valley near Timirshe area, all arrested militants were from the Oroma tribe in Ethiopia. Oromo fighters are said to be a key part of Daesh fighters in Bari region.

The names of the captured men are:

Kabana Nagsa Bulja
Abdalle Tadhase Gafaso
Qasim Suleyman Jibril
Yusuf Tuna Dubey
Yasin Abdow Awal
Anwar Fathi Abagatow
Isaq Kamal Qasim

According to the locals the PSF forces conducted operations in the remote areas between the Jaceel Valley and Hafun district.

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  1. Kabana Nagsa Bulja
    Abdalle Tadhase Gafaso
    Labada qof waxa moodaa
    Magacyadooda inay yihiin
    Dad soo galay diinta islaamka