Somalia:Puntland Government and Dhulbahante Elders Sign an agreement

Published: March 17, 2010

The Puntland government and SSC (Dhulbahante Clan) elders met yesterday in the Puntland State House in Garowe,the capital city of Puntland.
This meeting was attended by Puntland Senior officials leded by the President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole,Vice President and some Cabinent Ministers, it was also attended by a delegation from the TFG Parliament.
Puntland Information Minister Abdihakim Ahmed Guled who spoke for Puntland said that he is so happy with this agreement between the government and SSC traditional elders.
Garad Mohamud Mashqare who also spoke for the elders welcomed the agreement with the Puntland government.
After a short speech, he read the agreed points;
1. As stipulated in the constitution of Puntland State of Somalia, the regions of Sool, Sanag and Ayn are territories of Puntland State of Somalia, and can not be separeted from Puntland State.
2. The responsibility of returning the occupied regions lies with the government of Puntland State of Somalia.
3. The role of Traditional elders has been agreed to be awareness raising, conflict resolution, mobilizing and uniting the people. Which is vital for the returning of the occupied districts.
4. A consensus has been reached to make regular consultations and collaborations between the government of Puntland State and the traditional leaders.
The names of the SSC traditional Elders who signed this agreement were;
1.Garad Suleiman Mohamed
2.Garad Abdulahi Sofe
3.Garad Abshir Salah
4.Garad Mohamud Osman Mashqare
5.Garad Suleiman Burale Au-Adan
6.Ugas Farah Mohamud Ali
7.King Abdulahi Ahmed Ali
8.Garaad Ali Burale Hasan
9.Sultan Sayid Osman Ali
While the Minister of Internal Affairs Abdulahi Ahmed Jama(ilka jir) Signed for the Puntland government.
Mohamed Said Yusuf
Horseed Media
Garowe, Puntland

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