SRCS invites interested suppliers to tender for the supply of various Non-Food Items (NFIs)

Published: January 2, 2022
Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS), Galkayo Branch Office, Opposite to Golis telecom Somalia in Puntland State of Somalia



DOCUMENT DATE:                                     2nd -January- 2022

CLOSING DATE:                                          12-January -2022

                                TIME:                                                             14:00Hrs

  SUBMISSION METHOD:                            Physical submission     


                    GALKACAYO BRANCH CONFERENCE ROOM                DATE: 14th –January -2022 TIME: 10:00HRS

The Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS) invites interested suppliers to tender for the supply of various Non-Food Items (NFIs) and others as follows according to their interest and industry:

 Kitchen sets,sets400
 Sleeping Mats  Pcs400
 Supply fuel Subsidies – Diesel  for  5 key Community Boreholes Engines/Generators ( Buubi, Balanbal, Balibusle & Barwaaqo)Barrels68
 Supply of 30 barrels Water Truck for  6 drought impacted  CommunitiesTrucks120
 Supply & install 185m & 225M Deep Well Submersible Water Pump 11hp & 7.5hp for Gobsho & El-Gardi Community Boreholes respectivelyPcs2
 Supply & Install of Water Well Drop Pipe of 6m long for Gobsho Community BoreholePcs23
 Fibre Water Tank of 50 barrels Volume per Tank for Khayrdoon Community including transportation, installation &  Distribution costPcs3
 Water storage bags (30 barrels volume each) for Ceel Gocosale including transportation & distribution cost          Pcs30

Interest bidders are invited to obtain the bidding documents by coming to SRCS Galkayo Branch office or by writing email to

Bidders should clearly state the parts they are interested when writing an email.

Bidders should fulfil all requirements specified in the bid document and comply with the specification, terms, and conditions.

A complete bid proposal should reach the Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS), Galkayo Branch office before 2 pm. 12th January 2022.Unsealed bids or proposal received after the submission deadline shall be rejected. Bidders are, therefore, responsible for the submission of their bids on time and in accordance with the instructions provided in the tender document.

The SRCS shall not take any responsibility for any expense incurred by bidders in connection with the bid preparation.

Abdulahi Abdikafi Hersi

Branch Coordinator – SRCS Galkayo Branch

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