U.S committed to using available tools to fight terrorism in Somalia

Published: September 9, 2022

Following the United Nations Security Council meeting on Somalia on Wednesday, the United States said it was committed to using available tools to fight terrorism, including providing direct support to the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia and to Somalia’s security forces.

In a statement delivered by the Deputy U.S. Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Richard Mills condemned the the horrific attack on August 20 at Hayat Hotel in Mogadishu saying that the threat from al-Shabaab remains a paramount concern.  

“The actions of the Somali security forces who responded to and ended the attack were commendable. We strongly condemn the attack and on behalf of the United States I would like to offer condolences to the victims’ loved ones. The United States remains committed to supporting Somali-led efforts to defeat al-Shabaab,” he said. 

Mills said the U.S was going to utilizing the 751 Somalia sanctions regime to designate al-Shabaab operatives who continue to threaten peace and security in Somalia and throughout East Africa and even urged other member states to do the same.  

While commending formation of the new Somali government, the U.S diplomat reiterated the need to seeing progress toward addressing Somalia’s serious challenges, including reconciliation among the national government and federal member states, completing the review of the federal constitution, and achieving debt relief.

As the single largest donor of humanitarian assistance to Somalia, the United States pledged more support to respond to the unprecedented drought impacting over seven million who are facing food insecurity. The pledge came as warning emerged just on Monday that a famine is projected next month in the Horn of African country.

“The Somali government deserves recognition for tackling this deepening crisis with the urgency required, but it is a challenge no one country can address alone. The international community must take concerted action, dedicating the necessary resources to prevent the growing loss of life and livelihoods,” ambassador Mills added.

So far the United States government has provided more than $700 million in assistance to Somalia this year amid the unprecedented drought, which constitutes more than 70 percent of all the contributions received so far by the Humanitarian Response Plan of the UN for Somalia.

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