UN Envoy calls for unity among Somalia leaders

Published: November 17, 2014

Nicholas-Kay-UN-Special-Envoy-to-SomaliaUN special envoy to Somalia on Monday called for the Somali government leaders to solve their dispute.

Speaking ahead of the Copenhagen conference, Ambassador Nicholas Kay said that the disagreement between the top leaders is a ‘’serious risk to further progress’’.

‘’The ongoing political crisis in Somalia is a serious risk to further progress.  I call on all parties to find a way to resolve their differences quickly so that the business of statebuilding and peacebuilding can resume and accelerate,’’ he said in a press release.

The spat between Somalia President and Prime minister has caused division among cabinet ministers and members of parliament.

Office of the president submitted a no-confidence motion to the parliament, but two sessions of the parliament were cancelled after massive protests from MPs against the motion.

Majority of the cabinet ministers called for the Prime minister to resign on Sunday, but Mr Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed rejected the call.

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