UN Under-Secretary-General Amina Mohammed denounces the “unimaginable” horrors in Ethiopia

Published: February 12, 2022

UN Under-Secretary-General Amina Mohammed, returning from Ethiopia where she visited the conflict regions of Tigray, Amhara, Afar and Somali, on Friday denounced the “unimaginable” horrors imposed especially to women, demanding justice for them.

“Ethiopian women, broadly speaking, have been affected in ways unimaginable” and “in your worst nightmares, you cannot imagine what has happened to women in Ethiopia,” the UN number two said during of a press conference, also indicating that she had seen victims of “famine” during his stay.

For these horrors fueled by war, “everyone is to blame” and, in the 21st century, it “is unconscionable that one human being can inflict [such suffering] on another”, stressed Amina Mohammed, referring to in particular the fate of a young woman raped in front of her three or four year old son and now rejected by her husband, her family and society.

“Justice must be done and responsibilities established,” said the official, without further details on how the charges could be exercised, in Ethiopia or via an international mechanism.

“When men go to war, they come back and they are heroes no matter what wounds they have, right? But for women who are hurt, hurt in unimaginable ways, they don’t come out as heroines. They are just excluded. This must stop, ”said Amina Mohammed.

The conflict between Ethiopian government forces and Tigray rebels since November 2020 has left thousands dead, has been accompanied by abuses, and, according to the UN, has led hundreds of thousands of people to starvation.

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  1. Sirs,
    The greater majority of the victims of organised rape and war crimes are based in Tigray. The main culprits are Eritrean Amhara , Somali and Ethiopian Armies(4) Somali region is not a military conflict zone, but poorly organised government ,impacted by drought conditions.

    It is shameful that the DSC failed to visit the detention centres in Addis Ababa where thousands of ethnic Tigrayans are languishing. To make things worst she failed to visit UN employees who are detained in Addis Ababa.

    As we tweet Tigrayan children are dying because of federal government sieges. This is crime against humanity!

  2. why everytime the international community doesnt wants denounce the TPLF human right violation in afar sector. we have the response because they are muslim and TPL is christain. we understang that this conflict is religion war.